President Bernardo Arévalo reaffirmed his commitment to the fight against corruption

Arévalo highlighted his administration’s determination to uncover corrupt practices in the ministries.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN-. President Bernardo Arévalo addressed important topics during an interview with Tribuna EFE, emphasizing the firm commitment of his administration to the fight against corruption. This approach has been visible with the dismissal of officials linked to corrupt actions and the identification of fake job positions in the government. 

Arévalo underlined the determination of this new administration to uncover corrupt practices in the different government agencies. He revealed that cases still have to be discovered due to possible corruption. The president emphasized the arrogance that characterized the operations of these corrupt networks.

In addition, in search of a profound transformation, the president said they are fine-tuning the necessary mechanisms to implement changes in institutions, legal frameworks, and culture. The vision is to execute systematic work to eradicate corruption in all areas of the state.


President Arévalo stressed the need for a progressive implementation of changes, with a particular commitment towards the Executive Branch. Apart from personal benefits, his government seeks transparency centered on society’s welfare. 

Arévalo did not hesitate to address the removal of Francis Argueta, former Director General of Civil Aeronautics; the leading cause was incompetence and corruption. There was evidence of neglect in aviation and airport security administration, with arrivals and departures without proper security measures.

The president also contextualized the situation in Guatemala, describing how corruption can systemically penetrate all state institutions. He stressed that this phenomenon is due to the possibility of obtaining illegal profits.

Fake job position 

Another point highlighted during the interview was the discovery of fake job positions distributed among friends without those appointed fulfilling their duties. This act of nepotism is pointed out as one of the corrupt practices the administration is determined to eradicate.

Finally, Arévalo stressed that corruption will not be tolerated in his government. His commitment is to build an environment where transparency and ethics guide every action, freeing the State from corruption.

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