President Arévalo Swears in His Government Cabinet

The new president officially appointed his work team with great enthusiasm.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The President of the Republic, Bernardo Arévalo, swore in his Government Cabinet at the National Palace of Culture. 

President Arévalo and Vice President Karin Herrera officially appointed the new members of the Executive Branch, who will head the 14 ministries for the next four years.

The Head of State thanked his ministers for accepting this new challenge that contemplates a positive change in the history of Guatemala. He appointed the Guatemalans in charge of the State’s secretariats during the ceremony. The president read the document that concluded: “Being confident that through the strict fulfillment of your duties, you shall know how to honor God, your country, and your family.”

The People’s Gabinet 

On January 8, President Arévalo shared the names of the cabinet members who will accompany him in his administration.

The ministries for the term 2024-2028 will be headed by:

  • Miriam Roquel, Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Jonathan Menkos, Ministry of Public Finance 
  • Anabella Giracca, Ministry of Education
  • Francisco Jiménez, Ministry of the Interior
  • Maynor Estrada, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food 
  • Gabriela García-Quinn, Ministry of Economy 
  • Óscar Cordón, Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance
  • Jazmín de La Vega, Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing
  • Henry Sáenz, Ministry of National Defense
  • Liwy Grazioso, Ministry of Culture and Sports
  • Abelardo Pinto, Ministry of Social Development 
  • María José Iturbide, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Carlos Martínez, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Víctor Ventura, Ministry of Energy and Mines.

The appointees leading the State Secretariats are:

  • Haroldo Sánchez, Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency
  • Carlos Mendoza, Secretariat of Presidential Planning and Programming
  • Ivan Alfaro, Secretariat of Administrative and Security Affairs
  • Víctor Godoy, Executive Coordination of the Presidency
  • Cristian Espinoza, Strategic Secretariat of Intelligence 
  • Ana Glenda Rosado, Private Secretary of the Presidency.

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