President Arévalo Leads Renovation of a School in Tamahú, Alta Verapaz

The country's infrastructure must be prioritized, including school renovations.

by Astrid Luna

Alta Verapaz, by -AGN- Providing education to remote communities is one of the goals of President Bernardo Arévalo’s administration. Renovation and recovery of public educational facilities are among the most significant points.

The president led the inauguration of the renovation works of the Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Aldea Naxombal y Anexo in Tamahú, Alta Verapaz.

As he greeted the authorities and the educational community of Naxombal, he said that the start of the project did not happen by accident in that community.

Along with the Minister of Education, Anabella Giracca, he stated that they had chosen that space because it represented all the country’s communities.

President Arévalo emphasized that the country’s infrastructure, including school renovation, must be prioritized. He stated that all schools in Guatemala are represented in this school.

Education matters

During the opening ceremony, the president stated, “Education matters because every child matters, because the country is in debt to the entire population. For a long time, we have not invested in the same way to bring development to all communities in the country.”

He added that they would not solve Guatemala’s problems because some have been happening for hundreds of years and require a lot of money to be invested; however, he stressed that together with parents, teachers, and the Ministry of Education will make a difference.

Joint work

The president explained that the Ministry of Education already has the funds ready to send them to the school so that, together with the ParentOrganization, the renovation can begin.

He said they would visit the school with the minister of education in three months to verify if the renovation was done jointly.

President Arévalo also pointed out the role of parent organizations, institutions, and donors.

He remarked, ” The future of the children is at stake in the schools, and the future of the country is at stake in the children’s education.”

“Education matters because every boy and girl matters, whether in the capital or the Naxombal village. Because this country owes a debt to its entire population, for a long time, we have not invested in the same way to bring development with equity and justice,” mentioned the president.


During his address, the president recalled that it is impossible to solve all the problems because problems have existed for hundreds of years. These cost a lot of money.

He added that with a sense of justice, he would give what each school needs and that together, the government, communities, teachers, and parents would make a difference.

Finally, President Arévalo mentioned that, according to the Minister of Education, 4,000 schools will be repaired in three months and 10,000 in one year.

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