President Arévalo Greeted the First Woman Appointed Commander of the Armed Forces

The Guatemalan Armed Forces appointed Colonel Hilda González Klusmann as Commander of Creompaz on January 31, 2024.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- During his work visit to Cobán, Alta Verapaz, President Bernardo Arévalo greeted the first woman to be appointed commander of the Guatemalan Armed Forces.

The president informed in his official X account, “In my visit to the Verapaces, I had the opportunity to personally greet the new colonel of Military Health of Creompaz, Hilda González Klusmann.”

“Keep going, colonel. In every action and decision, there is a search for peace and security for all,” the president mentioned. 

First woman

The Guatemalan Armed Forces appointed Hilda González Klusmann as Chief of the Regional Training Command for Peacekeeping Operations  (Creompaz), making her the first female commander of the country’s armed forces.

Klusmann, is in charge of the training center for Guatemalan and foreign military personnel sent to United Nations peacekeeping missions.

The historic appointment of the new commander comes two weeks after the inauguration of President Arévalo de León, who assured in his address to the military that he would encourage the increase of women in positions of responsibility in the armed forces.

The government reaffirms its commitment to support the valuable work of women in the armed forces, recognizing their dedication.

During González Klusmann’s appointment, three other women were appointed as chiefs in the Guatemalan Armed Forces as part of the participation announced by the new government.


The Regional Training Command for Peacekeeping Operations (Creompaz) witnessed a significant change of command. Minister Henry Saenz appointed Military Health Colonel Hilda Gonzalez Klusmann, a graduate of the General Staff -DEM-, to lead this strategic position.

Klusmann has had an outstanding career since graduating from the Military School of Nursing of the Mexican Ministry of National Defense in 1994.

During her military career, she was an observer in the United Nations Peace Operations for the Stabilization of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She has demonstrated her competence in peacekeeping operations and leadership roles in the Guatemalan Armed Forces.

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