President Arévalo Becomes Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

Government cabinet members, high-ranking officers of the Armed Forces of Guatemala, and international cooperation agencies attended the event.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-. President Bernardo Arévalo received the salute of the military forces in an official ceremony in front of the National Palace of Culture, with helicopters, artillery, a parade, and honors.

The president received the baton that recognizes him as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, a position he automatically receives when he takes office as President of the Republic.

President Arévalo stated, “People of Guatemala, soldiers of all military ranks of the hierarchical scale, cadets, students of military reservist academies. The people of Guatemala and its Armed Forces are my prominent guests in this ceremony today. The people of Guatemala have decided to retake democracy through the vote.”

His cabinet, high-ranking members of the Armed Forces of Guatemala, and international cooperation members accompanied the president.


During the ceremony at the Plaza de la Constitución, the president thanked the attendees for their support. Brigadier General and Minister of Defense Henry David Sáenz Ramos also gave him a pin.

In his speech to the different military forces, President Arévalo said, “For years, as a student of the armed forces, I have learned to understand them, and I am proud to command them as of today as President of the Republic.”

A moment of silence was observed to honor the heroes who had fallen in the line of duty, and the 21-gun salute was fired to salute the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The attendants honored the national flag of Guatemala.

The different units and brigades of the Armed Forces of the sea, land, and air carried out a parade of honor.


President Arévalo emphasized that this democratic system has been demonstrated to the world during this dark period of the country’s history.

“During the last 203 days, since June 25, 2023, we have shown the world that our democratic and republican system, despite the aggression faced, has allowed us to reach this moment, in which I salute you as your Commander in Chief.” He said. 

The president pointed out that the attitude the military forces and their commanders exhibited during this dark period reflects high commitment and professionalism toward their country and its Constitution.

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