President Arévalo and Vice President Herrera Participated in An Interdenominational Ceremony

The service occurred at the Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriana Central in Guatemala City.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Jenny Herrera -AGN- President Bernardo Arévalo and Vice President Karin Herrera attended a service the Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriana Central offered to thank God for the new government.

The service began with the welcome of the president and vice-president, followed by the opening prayer and a time of praise and reading passages from the Old and New Testaments.


Mynor Jenner Miranda, the church pastor,  said, “Mr. President Bernardo Arévalo and Madam Vice President Karin Herrera, God’s calling was for you. Guatemala needs a country of non-violence, a country where we all have space.”

As part of the blessing for the president and vice president, the congregation offered a prayer of gratitude and presented the authorities with a Bible in recognition of their presence.

Finally, President Bernardo Arévalo stated, “Thank you for this celebration. Thank you for this service in this new chapter that begins in the history of Guatemala. It is very significant that today, we are joining the Christian people. This is a very special occasion, and we came here today with humility as public servants. We also came to fulfill a mandate that demands honesty, rectitude, and decency.” 

The activity ended with the departure of the president and vice president.

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