President Arévalo Acknowledges Women’s Contributions to the Armed Forces

As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, he will seek to appoint the first woman to the rank of brigadier general.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-  During his address as Commander-in-Chief of the Guatemalan Armed Forces, President Bernardo Arévalo stressed that he will recognize the contributions of women in the armed forces.

The president stated, “One of the goals of my administration as Commander-in-Chief is to promote the first woman in the history of the Guatemalan Armed Forces to the rank of brigadier general.”

He emphasized that this would be done if the member complied with all the law-established requirements.


During his speech, President Arévalo stressed that in the next four years, the Ministry of Defense will focus on a democratic security vision.

“It is about a democratic security approach to create a country to live in. The current troops of our armed forces are the product of the modernization of the education and training processes.” He stated.

The commissioned officers and warrant officers are tactical leaders at different levels of operations.

He also noted that the participation of women in the Guatemalan Armed Forces contributes significantly to different roles, whether in the troops as specialists in the officer corps or the military reserve.

The president mentioned, “My government plan aims to guarantee equal opportunities based on cultural and gender pertinence. It will pave the way for military women to compete professionally on an equal level by complying with the current regulations.”

During the event, members of the Government Cabinet and high authorities of the Ministry of National Defense participated alongside the president.

Instructions issued

President Arévalo announced that the first instruction given to the Minister of Defense, Henry Sáenz, was to elaborate a diagnosis and plans to advance in the modernization of the armed forces capabilities, covering aspects such as equipment, mobility, armament, and communications.

This process will ensure effective interinstitutional cooperation, collaboration, and support.

The policy will focus on two priority areas with the acquired capabilities :

  • Conceptual unit
  • International recognition

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