PNC Police Transformation Strategy Moves Forward

PNC receives motorcycles and firearms to strengthen nationwide security.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN.- The Government of Guatemala has delivered a thousand motorcycles and five thousand firearms to the National Civil Police -PNC-. These deliveries are part of the Infrastructure and Mobility pillar and the Police Dignification pillar, marking a significant step forward in the Police Transformation Strategy.

The President of the Republic, the Minister of the Interior, the General Director of the PNC, and other high-ranking officials attended the event in front of the National Palace of Culture in Guatemala City.

During his speech, the Minister of the Interior stated, “Without a doubt, Mr. President, in 2024, you are handing over a strengthened police force, different from what you received.” He also mentioned the improvement in security indexes and the decline in homicides.

Motorcycles and other vehicles 

The National Civil Police received a thousand motorcycles to strengthen security actions and provide quality service to the population. The vehicles are TMR brand, Police Edition with a 250 cubic centimeter engine. Each is worth USD 4073 and the total investment sum is USD 4,073,000.

The Police force also received six ATVs and six light off-road vehicles during the event.

This delivery is part of the Infrastructure and Mobility pillar, which aims to strengthen the vehicle fleet for institutional mobility.

Other positive results in this Transformation pillar include:

  • 2,000 motorcycles distributed
  • 201 police units recovered
  • 10,500 tires provided
  • New facilities for repairs and maintenance


Authorities also provided 5,000 92FS, 9mm caliber Prieto Beretta firearms during the event. With this new equipment, police agents are better equipped to reinforce citizen security, prevent violence and fight crime.

The provision of equipment for police officers is a part of the Police Dignification pillar of the PNC Transformation Strategy implemented by the Government.

The Police Dignification pillar has yielded the following improvements:

  • A salary increase of USD 75 for over 42,000 police personnel
  • Establishment of dining facilities
  • Delivery of 80,000 new uniforms
  • 43,000 pairs of boots
  • 20,000 bulletproof vests
  • 10 million rounds of ammunition

Additionally, hundreds of agents nationwide have enhanced their knowledge, skills, capacities, and tactical abilities through training and live and dry firing practices in shooting ranges.

This Transformation process complies with the Pillar of Governance and Security guidelines in the Development of the General Government Policy 2020-2024, and the PNC continues to serve and protect all Guatemalan citizens.

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