PNC Authorities Received Training Against Cybercrimes

The training was part of the Education Axis of the Police Transformation Strategy.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN.- A total of 60 participants, members of the National Civil Police -PNC- and government workers received training in the department of Chimaltenango on cell phone data processing and cybercrime.

Learning Process

Specialists from the Police Information Division and the Cybercrime Investigation and Computer Forensics Department of the PNC conducted the training. 

The participants who reinforced their skills and competencies include:

  • Specialized Criminal Investigation Division officers
  • National Division against the Criminal Development of Gangs members
  • General Sub-Directorate for Crime Prevention of the PNC officers
  • Judges of Criminal Courts of the Judicial Branch
  • Public prosecutors of the Public Ministry
  • National Institute of Forensic Sciences -INACIF- personnel
  • Solicitor General’s Office -PGN- personnel.

The experts shared their experience and knowledge to provide the participants with the required tools to prevent, investigate and fight cybercrime across the country.


It is an illegal action performed in the digital space through computer networks and managed in different electronic devices, which threaten the integrity and confidentiality of data to scam and steal information.

Since January of this year, 164 public and private schools in the country have received lectures on cybercrime prevention.

Finally, PNC authorities made available the following telephone numbers to safeguard citizens’ safety:

  • 110, Emergency
  • 1561, Crime Stoppers
  • 1574, Anti-extortion
  • 1577, Anti-Narcotics 
  • 1518, Confidential

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