PNC and Its Police Transformation

The police transformation strategy consists of six pillars.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN- The Ministry of the Interior -Mingob- has implemented the Police Transformation Strategy to achieve the effectiveness, legitimacy, and recognition of the National Civil Police -PNC-.

The strategy includes strengthening processes aimed at enhancing the capacity to prevent, investigate, and intervene in events that affect the safety of citizens and the national territory.

This Transformation process complies with the Pillar of Governance and Security guidelines in the Development of the General Government Policy 2020-2024.

The Guiding Principles of the Transformation

  • protect and serve 
  • leadership 
  • commitment 
  • effectiveness 
  • transparency and accountability

The Six Pillars of the Police Transformation Strategy

  • Education 
  • Institutionalization and Organization 
  • Internal controls 
  • Police dignification 
  • Infrastructure and mobility 
  • Technology and innovation

Strategic Pillar of Education 

Its objective is to strengthen the competencies and skills to develop public security services.

Strategic Pillar of Institutionalization and Organization 

Its objective is to have a dynamic and versatile organization that anticipates and responds to public security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Strategic Pillar of Internal Controls 

Its goal is to guarantee the effectiveness, legality, and transparency of the police function. This includes supervising police actions so that they may follow these principles at all times.

Strategic Pillar of Police Dignification 

It aims to provide the conditions for the adequate development and professional performance of PNC members. Additionally, as a strategic outcome, it aims for PNC members to have appropriate  for nutrition, infrastructure, equipment, and social well-being conditions to address public security effectively.

Strategic Pillar of Infrastructure and Mobility 

It aims to create adequate infrastructure for citizen services and national deployment capacity.

Strategic Pillar of Technology and Innovation 

Its objective is to implement information and communication technologies for public security.
These pillars strengthen the Police’s Preventive, Operational, and Criminal Investigation functions.

Work Plan Results

The results of the implemented work plan to strengthen Mingob include the following:

  • Improvement of facilities, equipment, and furniture. 
  • Salary increase. 
  • Creation of the Platform for the Communication of Statistical Data on Criminal Incidents. 
  • Strengthening of the air support unit 
  • Implementation of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation. 
  • Creation of the General Inspectorate. 
  • Development of the Regional Conference of Ministers and Secretaries of Security. 
  • New uniform design. 
  • Creation of dining facilities. 
  • Training for PNC agents. 
  • Among other achievements.

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