Over USD 4.5 million in Marijuana Eradicated

Authorities eliminated roughly 97,698 marijuana bushes in the country in the fight against drug trafficking.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN- To continue the fight against drug trafficking, agents from the Subdirectorate General of Analysis of Anti-Narcotic Information -SGAIA- of the National Civil Police -PNC-  eradicated two illicit marijuana plantations.

These plantations were located in strategic points of the country, in the departments of Totonicapán and Huehuetenango.


The first operation was conducted in Santa Lucía La Reforma and Momostenango, Totonicapán, where 57,534 marijuana plants were eradicated. This crop had an estimated value of USD 2.6 million.

The second operation was in Malacatancito, Huehuetenango; the agents found 40,164 marijuana plants. The plantation was valued at approximately USD 1.9 million.

The destruction of 97,698 marijuana bushes in different growth phases and the eradication of these illegal plantations has resulted in losses for drug trafficking organizations of approximately USD 4.5 million.


Since the beginning of the year, security forces have implemented strategies and operational plans to combat drug trafficking nationwide.

During this period, 6,906,165 coca bushes, 1,117,643 marijuana plants, and 667,398 poppy plants have been eradicated. The security strategies by the Government of Guatemala are implemented in the fight against drug trafficking.
Interinstitutional Coordination

The Guatemalan Army is also among the government entities supporting the fight against drug trafficking. Through its ground forces, this institution facilitates operations to search and trace illicit plantations throughout the country.

The following entities are involved in the interinstitutional operations:

  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Guatemalan Army
  • PNC
  • General Directorate of Civil Intelligence
  • Public Ministry

Authorities of the PNC provided the following numbers for citizens to file their complaints:

110, Emergency

1561, Crime Stoppers

1574, Anti-extortion line

1577, Anti-narcotics line

1518, Confidential line

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