Over 7 Million Coca-Leaf Bushes Have Been Destroyed This Year

Authorities estimate that the value of the plantation exceeds USD 9 million.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN.- The Ministry of the Interior -Mingob-, through agents of the Subdirectorate General of Analysis of Anti-Narcotic Information -SGAIA- of the National Civil Police -PNC- and elements of the Guatemalan Army, has destroyed 7,271,494 coca-leaf bushes throughout 2023.

The estimated value of the total eradicated bushes is USD 9 million.

This has been achieved through various operations to search, locate, and eradicate illicit crops in the country, causing significant losses to drug trafficking. The authorities have found and destroyed plants at different stages of growth.
Security forces have destroyed four clandestine laboratories allegedly used for the chemical production of narcotics during this year.

The Latest Operative

SGAIA police officers, in coordination with the Prosecutor’s Office for Drug Trafficking Crimes and the Guatemalan Army, located 316,800 coca-leaf bushes on June 23.

The authorities discovered the bushes in a mountainous area near the village of Cacauche in San Luis, Petén, and proceeded to eradicate and incinerate the illegal plants. The approximate value of this plantation was over 400,000 USD.
The Guatemalan Government continues reinforcing the strategies implemented in the frontal fight against drug trafficking.

Community Approach

Police officers, in coordination with the personnel of the Special Antinarcotics Unit of the Ministry of the Interior, carry out various prevention actions and community approach programs to support the Guatemalan population.


Finally, PNC authorities make available the following telephone numbers to safeguard citizens’ safety:

  • 110, Emergency 
  • 1561, Crime Stoppers the antinarcotics hotline at 
  • 1577, Anti-Narcotics
  • 1574, Anti-Extortion
  • 1518, Confidential Hotline

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