Over 46 Thousand Children Benefited From the Cecodii Program

Cecodii, as a pillar, promotes early and healthy learning.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodriguez -AGN-. The Ministry of Education -Mineduc- announced a remarkable achievement in its commitment to comprehensive early childhood care. The Community Centers for Comprehensive Child Development -Cecodii- program has experienced an impressive increase in the number of benefited children.

The program served 18,740 children from 0 to 4 years old in 2019. This number has experienced an exceptional increase in only four years, reaching 46,514 children in 2023. Furthermore, this expansion demonstrates the Mineduc’s commitment to providing development opportunities from the first years of life.

Comprehensive Development Focus and Early Childhood Care

The Ministry of Education has focused on providing comprehensive attention to early childhood, recognizing the crucial importance of this period in the development of cognitive and social skills. The Cecodii have become fundamental pillars to guarantee healthy growth and quality early learning.

The positive outcome of this increase is reflected in the children served and the surrounding communities. Early care contributes to children’s individual development, but it also positively affects the community environment by promoting equal opportunities from an early age.

Future Outlook

The success of this program encourages Mineduc to continue its commitment to comprehensive child development. The ministry plans to expand the Cecodii and increase its attention to early childhood. It prides itself on facilitating opportunities for children and building a brighter future for society.

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