Over 200 Guatemalans Arrived in Canada With Work Visas

The fellow citizens were received and assisted by personnel from the Guatemalan Consulate in Montreal.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Daniel Coromac -AGN- Personnel from the Guatemalan Consulate in Montreal, Canada, received more than 200 Guatemalans who arrived with temporary agricultural work visas.

The Government of Guatemala promotes orderly, safe, circular, and regular migration. For this purpose, it coordinates with partner countries regarding temporary work visas.

Such is the case of Canada, a country where a group of Guatemalans arrived. These actions provide access to employment options. It also allows Guatemalans to take advantage of their knowledge in agriculture. They also received a meal in collaboration with the Restoration Church.

Consular Assistance

Through the consulates and other units of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Minex,- the Central Government also accompanies Guatemalans outside our borders. 

In order to assist the group, personnel from the Consulate of Montreal, Canada, handed out brochures to the Guatemalans. To make this assistance effective, workers of the consular unit went to the airport where they arrived.

These brochures contain content related to the rights of workers and the terms and conditions of their work visas which the staff of the consular office explained to the Guatemalans. In addition, they provided a  portfolio of services offered by the consulate and other ways to contact them.

Other Actions

As part of the efforts to support Guatemalans abroad, the Government of Guatemala has strengthened its actions to assist in the consulates and embassies of the country in different parts of the world.

An excellent example of these actions is the shipment of passport booklets and the most recent shipment of 15,200 passport booklets to supply consular units in the United States, with the largest number of Guatemalans living abroad. This batch was sent on May 25.

Institutions such as the Guatemalan Migration Institute also support these actions to strengthen these results. The Government of Guatemala reiterates its support through these actions to Guatemalans residing abroad. In addition, it continues to promote safe, orderly, circular, and regular migration.

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