One of SBS’s Goals is Family Preservation

The Social Welfare Secretariat of the Presidency -SBS- has the “Educando en Familia” Program and nurseries for comprehensive assistance to families.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Jenny Herrera -AGN- The Social Welfare Secretariat of the Presidency -SBS- keeps developing efforts for family preservation, with a program aimed at guiding parents and caregivers to achieve an appropriate education for their children, establishing a parenting model that favors the strengthening of values, the construction of parental skills and proper parenting patterns.

These efforts are carried out through the “Educando en Familia” Program, framed within the lines of action implemented by the SBS, and aim to ensure the prevention and promotion of family development and reduce the need for restorative or therapeutic intervention.

According to the SBS authorities, The SBS supervises the comprehensive care centers; this refers to the 42 daycare centers nationwide. Last June, SBS opened the 43rd care center in El Jícaro, El Progreso. The center was closed for five years; however, it was reopened on the President’s orders. The center assists over 190 children daily, supporting their social development and feeding. We also support the fight against malnutrition.”


According to its legal basis in Government Agreement Number 101-2015 and the Internal Regulation of the SBS Articles 33 and 34, the Department of Regulation of Daily Child Care Centers -DRCCID- is responsible for the authorization, registration, regulation, and control of the operation of public and private daily child care centers in the national territory, including comprehensive daycare, early education, and preschool education for children aged 2 to 4 years.

Nurseries must be registered with the mentioned department and comply with the requirements, stipulations, and standards established for care.

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