Nearly 3 000 Guatemalan Women Will Benefit From Scholarships

Authorities signed an interinstitutional agreement to promote women's entrepreneurship in the country.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN.- The Secretariat of Social Services of the President’s Wife -SOSEP-, the Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat-, and the Technical Institute of Training and Productivity -Intecap- signed an interinstitutional agreement to promote the entrepreneurship of nearly 3,000 Guatemalan women in the country.

According to the SOSEP Secretary: “This is a special day because this agreement will support our artisan women to learn and increase their product sales.”

The activity took place in Ciudad Cayalá, where members of the Cabinet Office, international cooperation representatives, and entrepreneurial women of the country participated.

The Agreement

Inguat’s director emphasized that this agreement is a strategic alliance that marks a starting point for strengthening the professionalization of the country’s women. “Inguat is a genuine ambassador to the world. On the other hand, SOSEP is the driving force of entrepreneurs. This alliance will boost sustainable tourism and the socioeconomic development of communities,” she added. 

At Intecap, applicants will learn different crafts to strengthen their family economy. In addition, they will be able to sell the articles elaborated by Guatemalan artisans in the places where international tourists arrive.

About the Program

This interinstitutional agreement is part of the Productive Units program -UP- implemented by SOSEP to strengthen women’s participation through SOSEP’s Directorate for the Improvement of Women’s Socioeconomic Conditions.

This government program is a model to strengthen food and nutritional security. The program uses the productive potential of organized women and interinstitutional coordination to promote the country’s socio-economic development. 

In 2022, it supported nearly 31,515 women in the country’s 22 departments.

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