National Civil Police Offices Modernized with Computer Equipment.

The purpose of providing computer equipment is to improve the PNC's administrative processes.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by AGN – The General Subdirectorate of Information and Communication Technologies -SGTIC- continues with the strategic distribution of computer equipment in the different stations of the National Civil Police -PNC- to administrative processes throughout the country. 

The police department wants to provide a better quality service to all citizens. The new computer equipment acquisition contributes to the progress of the Technology and Innovation pillar of the Police Transformation Strategy, which the Government of Guatemala implements through the Ministry of the Interior -Mingob-.

The director of the SGTIC also mentioned that since August 7 of this year, the delivery of 2,500 desktop computers for the entire country began. Currently, only 240 computers are still pending delivery.

The characteristics of desktop computers are:

  • 500 GB hard disk 
  • 16 GB of RAM 
  • Intel Core i7 processor


The Government of Guatemala acquired computer equipment through the Ministry of the Interior. The Counterdrug and Law Enforcement Affairs Section of the Embassy of the United States of America has donated more computers for a total of 5,424. They have been delivered to:

  • Substations
  • Stations
  • Commissaries
  • Specialized PNC units

The Police Transformation Strategy in the area of Technology and Innovation continues to be executed, resulting in the following:

  • 5,000 computers.
  • 78 police headquarters interconnected nationwide. 
  • 30,000 Google Workspace accounts that include the Classroom educational platform and the accreditation of the Workspace for Education platform.
  • 60 biometric devices. 

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