MSPAS Launches Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cuilapa Regional Hospital

The new area has the capacity to care for up to 50 newborns, 28 more than the previous facilities.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, December 20 (AGN).- The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance -MSPAS- initiated operations at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Cuilapa Regional Hospital, Santa Rosa.

The Health Ministry reported that this new facility will care for hundreds of babies needing various health services.

During the opening ceremony, Minister of Health Francisco Coma explained that these actions strengthen the national health system and represent progress for the country’s development and the well-being of the Guatemalan population.

Minister Coma highlighted that these national public health system results are possible when resources are used appropriately, and objectives are clear. These achievements make it possible to save more lives, which is the goal all health professionals should keep in mind.


According to MSPAS, this project involved an investment of approximately USD 800,000.

The new area has the capacity for 50 cribs, 28 more than the previous neonatal care space. With this, the facility can care for 55 newborns each month.

Some of the most common issues addressed in the unit relate to respiratory difficulties and pulmonary or brain problems. Therefore, this enhancement is a significant achievement for the region.

Authorities have taken other actions to improve the country’s health infrastructure. Health authorities mention that with these infrastructure projects, at least 10.1 million Guatemalans benefited from comprehensive health services in these improved centers.

Likewise, this benefits 1,328 communities across 340 municipalities, achieving better reach in vulnerable and hard-to-access regions.

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