More Than 700 Girls From Jalapa Stand Up Against School Bullying

Students from elementary schools emphasized the importance of prevention and reporting bullying.

by Pamela Contreras

Jalapa, by Julio Morales -AGN- On the National Day against Bullying or School Harassment, elementary school girls from the Berta Judith Lima Bonilla School in Jalapa participated in a mural newspaper contest.

This commemoration occurs every May 2 to raise awareness of the need to fight this problem affecting children worldwide.

The Unit for Community Violence Prevention -UPCV-, under the Third Vice-Ministry of the Ministry of the Interior, supported the mural contest.

The initiative is included in the Safe Schools Decree 19-2022, which aims to curb bullying in all schools in the country.

The Participants

More than 750 girls participated in the contest, and with the help of their teachers, they created murals to highlight the importance of bullying prevention.

The murals included messages of love, respect, tolerance, and suggestions for identifying and reporting bullying situations.

Participants were excited about the opportunity to express their ideas and feelings. It was also an opportunity to encourage creativity and teamwork among the students.

Promoting Social Interaction

The UPCV reiterated the importance of organizing activities to raise awareness of the need to end bullying. According to the agency, bullying is one of the main problems for students in Guatemala, affecting both the victims and the bullies.

The Safe Schools Decree 19-2022 guarantees the right to an education without violence and promotes peaceful coexistence among students. For this purpose, it establishes prevention and sanction measures in cases of bullying and other types of violence in the school environment.

Furthermore, the UPCV points out that bullying prevention is a shared responsibility between the educational community, parents, and authorities and should be worked on in close collaboration to promote a culture of prevention and respect in the school environment.

Finally, the UPCV stressed the importance of working in partnership to stop bullying and guarantee the right to a safe and violence-free education for all children in the country.

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