More Than 6 Million Meals Have Been Served in Social Diners

The Social Diners Program is aimed at the population living in conditions of vulnerability in the country.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by -AGN- The Community Centers for Integral Child Development -Cecodii- have provided care to more than 2,400 pregnant mothers.

As part of the actions carried out by the Government of Guatemala in favor of life and the family, these centers provide comprehensive care to families in vulnerable conditions.

Focused on the care of children between 0 and 4 years of age, the Cecodii is part of the Help Me Grow initiative and the Food and Nutritional Security Strategy.

In this sense, mothers are also assisted to ensure the correct development of their children from conception, during pregnancy, and up to four years of age.

Led by the Ministry of Education -Mineduc-, this initiative brings together the efforts of other entities such as the Secretariat for Food and Nutritional Security -Sesan-. It has worked closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Social Development, and the Ministry of Public Health.

Child care

The Cecodii staff develops activities to encourage children’s learning at an early age. The mothers are also encouraged to adopt good health and hygiene practices, nutrition and food safety, protection and security, understanding, and commitment.

Help Me Grow

This initiative is conducted through the Cecodii. The program’s main objective is to improve the quality of life in early childhood, their families, and their community.

It seeks to protect the integrity of children from conception to four years old.

Other advances
During the second quarterly accountability report, it was reported that through Mides, 28 projects were executed in the second four-month period of the year, including one elementary school and a High school.

There was also support for the restoration of two highways, a treatment plant for wastewater, 14 rural roads, 2 sewage systems, a community training center, 5 streets, and a drinking water system.

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