More than 50 Taiwanese Entrepreneurs are Interested in Working with Guatemala

President Giammattei underscored that the official visit was a success and positive results are expected in the short term.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Veylin Herrera -AGN- As part of the official visit of President Alejandro Giammattei to the Republic of China (Taiwan,) more than 50 businesspeople from that nation will be visiting Guatemala. 

The Guatemalan authorities participated in the Opportunities, Trade, and Investment Seminar with over 100 Taiwanese entrepreneurs. During their participation, they announced investment development opportunities in Guatemala. It allowed more than 50 companies to express their interest in taking their business to the country and thus generate jobs for Guatemalans. 

Two companies confirmed their transfer of operations to the country to take advantage of Guatemala’s location for exporting to other markets and generating thousands of jobs.

Promoting Nearshoring 

President Giammattei emphasized that thanks to a nearshoring treaty signed with the United States and the implementation of the certification agreement for both Guatemala ports are appealing to investors.

The Guatemalan ports can carry goods from Guatemala to the United States as a domestic port transfer, not as an international shipment. 

These measures made the Taiwanese view the country as an opportunity to bring their business and export to the United States. 

 “Business opportunities opened up in many parts of Asia, as Taiwanese companies have a presence in countries throughout the region,” the president mentioned.

Direct flight to Taiwan 

The President of Guatemala emphasized that an agreement is in progress to establish a direct flight between Guatemala and Asia with a leading airline.

The possibilities for national products to travel to Taiwan and to facilitate tourism and business between the two nations are under study.

The president said, “It would be the first direct flight between Central America by an Asian airline.”

This option is a step towards positioning Guatemala as a tourist destination internationally.

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