Ministry of Labor Presents Progress to the Elect Transition Team

Ministry of Labor Presents Progress to the Elect Transition Team

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- Authorities from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare -Mintrab- presented the progress made to benefit Guatemalans during the current administration.

Among the achievements are the Labor Mobility Program, the Economic Contribution for Older Adults Program, job training, job fairs, and kiosks.

Minister of Labor Rafael Rodríguez stated, “It was essential to convey our progress during these almost four years of administration. Information about all the programs was presented, emphasizing the plans that have been a priority for this government.”

This team presented the actions taken in three vice ministries: the Administrative Department, the Vice Ministry of Labor Management, and the Vice Ministry of Social Security and Employment, as well as the Technical Institute of Training and Productivity -Intecap-.

Some Achievements

Vice Minister Rodolfo Estuardo Varela stated that the Ministry of Labor has executed 64.72% of the current budget.

He also explained that this execution includes the creation of a National Policy for Dignified Employment, which outlines strategies and actions related to expanding inclusive opportunities for Guatemalans.

The justification for the requested funds also lies in the acquisition and training of human resources to improve services to the population in the programs offered by Mintrab. 

Vice Minister María Isabel Salazar noted that more than 5,000 Guatemalans have received training. She highlighted that the goal is to complete this year with 7,000 trained individuals.

Support for the Population

Mintrab authorities explained the Economic Contribution for Older Adults Program strategy during the session. They also emphasized the need to increase operating expenses to reach the areas that need this program the most.

Vice Minister Geovanna Salazar explained that the program aims to reach 212,000 people over 60 who live in poverty and extreme poverty. Ninety percent of this program’s implementation is in the country’s interior.

Authorities also discussed the Temporary Work Program, which presents viable alternatives for people seeking employment. This program allows applicants to obtain visas for working abroad, thereby preventing irregular migration.

The presentation also included actions taken by the administration to strengthen the General Labor Inspection. The ministry increased the number of inspectors and purchased 28 vehicles to improve mobility in the country’s 22 departments.

The members of the Finance Commission indicated that the budget project will be analyzed, discussed, and modified if necessary. Afterward, the ministry will be informed for further discussion.

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