Ministry of Economy Launched RICE Platform

RICE Platform promotes foreign trade through the registration of barriers.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, Jenny Herrera -AGN- The Ministry of Economy -Mineco-, through the Vice Minister of Integration and Foreign Trade, launched the Foreign Trade Barrier Report -RICE- project.

It is a technological platform for companies, customs agents, or importers, among other users, to allow reporting of any incidents in carrying out a foreign trade operation. 

In this regard, the Minister of Economy highlighted:

“We are launching the Foreign Trade Barriers Report -RICE- platform. This e-platform mechanism has been developed in collaboration with the U.S. Government and the U.S. Trade Office. 

“It is another step towards turning our country into an exporter, which the President has been leading and is on the economic agenda. The Ministry of Economy promotes this to bring legal certainty and investments to the country. The platform is open to anyone who wishes to use it.”

RICE is a path-breaking project. The platform has been designed as an accessible, dynamic, no-cost project; it creates a database that allows the National Trade Facilitation Committee to develop strategies to help streamline trade transactions.

Customers will be able to include information such as:

  • The ministry or agency involved in the transaction
  • The estimated cost of the incident
  • How often the inconvenience occurs
  • Country of origin of the goods
  • Type of delay


The platform seeks to boost the facilitation of the country’s trade through strategies and actions with different agencies involved in this area. It also aims to streamline trade operations generated by foreign trade users.

Furthermore, the platform will benefit all foreign trade stakeholders, the public and private sectors.

The Vice Minister of Integration and Foreign Trade stated:

“It is important to highlight that we worked with a multidisciplinary team, requiring the participation of the private and public sectors, international organizations, and the Ministry of Economy. We are pleased to launch this project this year.”

This platform enhances national economic drive, development, and prosperity even further.

Learn more about the platform at:

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