Minister Rafael Rodriguez Highlights President Giammattei’s Leadership During the Transition Process

The minister mentions the success of the historical transition process.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz (AGN). – In a television interview, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Rafael Rodríguez, emphasized the leadership with which President Alejandro Giammattei has implemented the transition process.

“It is a unique process in the country’s history, which President Alejandro Giammattei established. All this demonstrates that it has been a new and successful process and should be replicated,” stated Minister Rodríguez.

During the interview, the minister discussed the advances made in this process, which includes three phases, and the second is currently being finalized.

He mentioned, “It has been quite a long and extensive process; we have already held 22 sectorial meetings and 19 follow-up meetings at this stage.” 

Delivery of Information

The minister indicated that the Executive is open to providing all the necessary information for the elected duo’s team to understand the work of this government branch and all the institutions that comprise it, demonstrating a complete willingness to collaborate.

He also informed that President Giammattei gave instructions for all the tools and resources required during this transition process to be available.

The minister highlighted that most information is in the files handed over to the elected authorities during an event in the Patio de la Vida of the National Palace of Culture.

Minister Rodriguez referred to the meetings held with the delegates of the elected government. He underlined that these meetings have been focused on exchanging information and have developed positively due to the common interest shared by both teams.

According to the minister, “There is good faith on both teams. It has been a very friendly and respectful technical affair. It will allow the administration not to stop.”

He concluded by stressing that the current administration is committed to the transfer of power and to ensuring respect for democracy.

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