The Minister of the Interior Reaffirms His Commitment to the Security of Guatemalans

Minister Jiménez reasserts the duty to ensure the population's safety.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, Josue David Acevedo Rivas -AGN.- Through social network X, Minister of the Interior Francisco Jiménez spoke in favor of a Guatemalan woman who expressed her frustration with the service of some officers of the National Civil Police -PNC-.

The minister invited the Guatemalan population not to be misled and to write to his X account to eradicate these actions are not in line with the current administration’s principles.

Zero tolerance for corruption

On the afternoon of January 20, social networks went viral after an Internet user posted a tweet on her X account indicating that police officers had allegedly robbed her.

Immediately, users began to tag the Minister of the Interior, Francisco Jiménez, who quickly responded to the call from the public.

He stated, “We are going to take action. Could you write me a direct message?”

Minutes later, the minister sent a message to the population indicating that, together with his team, he would be taking action against this type of report:

“Believe me, we are taking note and defining actions with the team. We have a big task, but that is how big our determination is. Keep writing to me, and we are here to serve you.” Minister Jiménez mentioned. 

A security expert

After the inauguration of President Bernardo Arévalo, it was announced that Francisco Jiménez would be in charge of the Ministry of the Interior to guarantee security for all Guatemalans.

The Minister has experience in civilian intelligence for the fight against crime and social conflict management. He has also been an advisor to international organizations on security issues.

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