Minister of Labor Points out Efforts in Favor of Guatemalans

Minister Rafael Rodriguez commented on the country's minimum wage increase.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare -Mintrab-, Rafael Rodríguez, spoke about the increase of the minimum wage in the country. The Minister of Labor and President Alejandro Giammattei explained this measure, published in the official newspaper on Tuesday, December 19. According to the minister, this responds to the actions to fulfill the rights of Guatemalans.

Fixing the minimum wage guarantees compliance with a fundamental right for Guatemalan citizens, supported by the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala and reaffirmed as a state commitment at the international level.

He added that the current administration has developed different efforts to guarantee better service to the population and the welfare of the workers. He also emphasized that the recommendations of the International Labor Organization -ILO- for eradicating poverty and the well-being of families were taken into account for the improvements in the system.

ILO Recommendation 135 emphasizes that minimum wage fixing must be an essential part of any policy aimed at eradicating poverty and guaranteeing the satisfaction of the needs of workers and their families.

Work System Improvements

Minister Rodriguez reported on the different progress made by Mintrab during the current administration. He mentioned strengthening the General Labor Inspection through the provision of resources and improvements in the offices. In addition, labor inspectors were trained through the recently inaugurated Specialized and Permanent Training School. 

The construction of a specific building has begun, and the bases have been laid for developing the inspection career.

Wage Fixing 

According to the minister, the minimum wage was fixed after a process and work entrusted to it by President Giammattei. This measure aimed to ensure the workers’ well-being based on technical criteria that meet people’s needs.

Dialogues and data were considered to reach an agreement that would benefit all parties involved.

“Throughout the year, the joint minimum wage commissions met by sector and economic activity, as established in Government Agreement 285-2021, with 27 sessions for Economic Sector I and 23 for Economic Sector II in response to the president’s instruction.” Minister Rodríguez said.

Finally, the minister explained that all the information on the new regulations can be consulted through the ministry’s official networks.

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