Minister of Foreign Affairs Mario Búcaro Urges Favoring Dialogue to Achieve Peace

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Yulisa Muñoz -AGN- The Government of Guatemala, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Minex- condemned the actions of Hamas and other terrorist organizations and issued a call to take action, reduce polarization, and discourage speech and actions fueled by hate.

Guatemalan Minister of Foreign Affairs Mario Búcaro made these statements at the tenth extraordinary session of the United Nations General Assembly -UN-. He underscored that the General Assembly must act to reduce polarization and discourage hate speech.

Minister Búcaro highlighted that the only way to achieve this is to unite against terrorism. He strongly condemn terrorist actions with violent and extremist ideologies.

During his speech, he also demanded that they cease their practices of placing terrorist arsenals and infrastructure in the subways of hospitals, schools, and religious centers that threaten the protection of civilians, using them as human shields.


The Minex authorities, representing the Government of Guatemala, stressed that there is time to save lives and encourage dialogue and negotiations between the parties to achieve a comprehensive peace based on the shared vision of a region where two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, can live side by side in peace.

Finally, Minister Bucaro expressed that the State of Israel has the sovereign right to protect its citizens and guarantee their security.

Emergency session

Israel’s ambassador and permanent representative to the UN said Thursday that the October 7 massacre and other events had nothing to do with the Palestinians, the Arab-Israeli conflict, or the Palestinian issue.

He pointed out that Hamas does not care about the Palestinian people, peace, or dialogue. Their only goal is to annihilate Israel and murder every Jew on the face of the Earth.

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