Mingob Strengthens Security Plans

The Ministry of the Interior purchased 22 new vehicles to support different units.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN.- The Minister of the Interior  -Mingob-.delivered 22 vehicles to different divisions of the Ministry to strengthen security plans.

The delivery included ten pick-up trucks, ten sedans, and two minibuses and occurred in the parking lot of the Mingob.

These brand new vehicles are equipped with official government plates, and are insured. These are for use by each of the Mingob’s divisions.

The minister of the interior stated, 

“We are a great team, and this team requires the right tools to do our jobs in terms of public safety. These vehicles will serve as a tool to continue our work efficiently, as we have been doing for the last three years.”

Vehicle Delivery

The units that benefited were the following:

  • Ministry Office 
  • First Vice-Ministry 
  • Second Vice-Ministry 
  • Third Vice-Ministry 
  • Fifth Vice-Ministry 
  • Human Resources Office 
  • Registry of Legal Persons 
  • Planning Office 
  • Social Communication Office
  • Legal Affairs Department 
  • Administrative and Financial Unit 
  • IT Control 
  • Mingob General Inspectorate 
  • Mingob Transportation

It is part of the strengthening of the Mingob to continue ensuring public safety and well-being in the country.

Latest Upgrades

On June 6, President Giammattei and the Minister of the Interior handed over tactical equipment to the National Civil Police to honor and support their work in public security, including more than 2,000 motorcycles.

The motorcycles were assigned to the Immediate Response Group Lobos -GRIL- and different police stations in the country. Finally, the PNC received new trucks and pick-ups to transport supplies and protect Guatemalans.

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