Mingob Presented a Four-Year Work Report

The Police Transformation Strategy was one of the most important achievements in the last four years.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by  Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- The Minister of the Interior -Mingob- Byron Bor Illescas, announced the outstanding results of the minister’s management in the last four years. During his address, he highlighted the importance of reinforcing prevention and security strategies to guarantee peace and the comprehensive development of Guatemalans.

A major achievement was the promotion of the Police Transformation Strategy -ETP-. This strategy improved the effectiveness, legitimacy, and recognition of the police forces. It focused on strengthening key aspects such as education, institutionality, internal controls, personnel dignity, infrastructure, mobility, and the introduction of technology and innovation.

In the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime, drugs, assets, and currency worth more than USD 69 million were seized. In addition, 90.83 hectares of illicit crops were eradicated, and 6,749 people were arrested,  including 116 for extradition purposes.

Police investigation achievements

Minister Bor also highlighted the effectiveness of police investigation and citizen security work. The dismantling of 321 criminal structures evidenced this—a 4.9-point reduction in the homicide rate and a 7.59-point decrease in the crime rate.

Among the innovations that stand out is the implementation of the Remote Control Unit, allowing the implementation of alternative measures to detention. It also underscored the creation of the Mingob Air Unit, which provides air support for prevention and national security operations carried out by the PNC.

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