Minex Highlights Support From the CAFTA-DR Cooperation Program

Authorities from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chamber of Industry participated in a virtual meeting.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios (AGN) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in the report on the achievements and support provided in the country on environmental issues in commemoration of the 17th anniversary of the United States CAFTA-DR Cooperation Program.

Authorities from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala, and CAFTA-DR attended a virtual meeting.

The CAFTA-DR Cooperation Program supports countries such as Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the United States to strengthen environmental protection and improve environmental performance.

The Achievements

The Guatemalan Foreign Minister emphasized that CAFTA-DR has provided support in: 

  • Continuous growth in the exchange of goods and services
  • Elimination of tariff barriers
  • Promotion of a business environment favorable to investment upgrade
  • Creation of employment in both countries

He mentioned the achievements and opportunities provided by the agreement as a fundamental pillar in strengthening trade relations between Guatemala and the United States.

About the CAFTA-DR

CAFTA-DR is the first free trade agreement between the United States and a group of smaller, developing economies.

This trade agreement creates new economic opportunities by eliminating tariffs and opening markets. It is also reducing barriers to trade in services, promoting transparency, and establishing leading-edge rules for 21st-century business.

The agreement facilitates trade and investment between the parties and increases regional integration.

In February 2005, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the United States, the CAFTA-DR countries, signed an Environmental Cooperation Agreement -ECA-.

They agreed that environmental protection and economic and social development are interdependent and mutually reinforcing factors in achieving sustainable development. This is essential for the well-being of current and future generations.

Since then, CAFTA-DR countries have designed and implemented a program of cooperative action to further their common development goals: to protect, improve, and preserve the environment by increasing the capacity of governments and civil society, including NGOs, the private sector, and the general public.

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