Mineduc Holds Second Transition Meeting

Bank records and the draft budget for 2024 were addressed during the meeting.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The Ministry of Education -Mineduc- held its second transition meeting with the elected team. The minister and her vice ministers received the delegates, Ana Franco and Amarilys Franco, who thanked the Mineduc authorities for their openness and the delivery of the requested information.

Minister Ruiz highlighted the importance of this second meeting and mentioned her ministry’s commitment to the transition. “For us, it is a pleasure to receive them and prepare the second presentation of transition information.”

During the meeting, the authorities addressed topics such as bank records and the 2024 budget proposal submitted by the Executive to the Congress of the Republic. They also discussed the registered agreements, mapping reports, and the operation plan for 2024.

The Mineduc also handed over the information files requested during the first sector meeting.

María Consuelo Ramírez, Secretary General of the Presidency, on behalf of the Transition Commission appointed by President Alejandro Giammattei, also participated in the meeting.

First Meeting

On October 24, the first transition meeting was held, with the participation of the vice ministers of the education ministry.

The authorities explained the different programs led by the Mineduc and the progress of the different strategies implemented in favor of the educational community. Among the most significant achievements was the increase in student enrollment at all levels of education, and the 3.1 million students benefited from School Meals, which covers all levels of education and students through cooperatives.

Transition Progress

The Government Transition Commission has reported that the process has advanced by 85%. It is currently in the second phase of the proposed methodology.

The second phase included meetings with the 14 ministries and ten secretariats of the Executive branch.

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