Mineduc Has Certified Over 13,000 Teachers in Bilingual and Intercultural Education

The Ministry of Education provides bilingual education to 5,200 schools in different communities.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- The Minister of Education, Claudia Ruíz, reported that over 13,000 teachers have graduated in bilingual and intercultural education during this administration.

She said, “We have graduated 13,655 bilingual teachers in technical and master’s degrees through the Academic Program for Professional Teacher Development -Padep-.”

The purpose is to strengthen the capacities of graduated teachers of the Padep Program through Intercultural Pre-school Education and Intercultural Elementary Education degrees, emphasizing bilingual education.

Cultural Pertinence

Minister Ruíz emphasized that this professionalization promotes learning with cultural pertinence. She said: “We have promoted education with cultural pertinence through teaching 13 national languages in each of the country’s departments.”

She also pointed out that some of the progress made in bilingual education supports 5,200 educational establishments in different communities nationwide. She affirmed: “Methodological guides have been prepared for using educational texts in 13 languages for 42, 328 students.

Intercultural schools are equipped with a methodological kit according to the language of the linguistic community through educational programs taught with technology in the classroom.

The ministry is developing cultural segments in national languages that will benefit teachers and students at the elementary level.

About Padep 

Padep is a university program for teachers currently serving in the public sector. It strives to improve their academic and job performance at different educational levels and modalities. It includes the school and extracurricular subsystems.

Through Padep, educators strengthen their competencies to improve the teaching-learning process in the classroom.

The curriculum covers specific areas such as enhancing social-emotional skills, bilingualism, and using information and communication technologies.

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