Mineduc Created the National Program for Girls and Female Teenager Leaders in My Country

It is effective as of its publication in the Diario de Centro América.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Education -Mineduc- published a ministerial agreement in the official government newspaper to create the National Program for Girls and Female Teenager Leaders in my country.

Article 1 of Ministerial Agreement 3728-2023 states that this program targets girls and teenagers at the primary, middle, and high school levels in the public sector of the school education subsystem.

The program seeks to share experiences, promote leadership, provide tools, and showcase the skills of girls and female teenagers.

Annual Meeting

Article 3 of the agreement indicates that within the context of the International Day of the Girl, commemorated on October 11, a meeting of girls and female teenagers will be held nationally.

The program consists of an annual training process to develop different topics to strengthen the participants’ leadership in their educational center and the community. The Departmental Directorate of Education will elect girls and teen leaders through the commissions that will be formed.

The profile of eligible applicants is detailed in Article 4,

  • Be enrolled in elementary school, middle school, and high school.
  • Having good interpersonal relations
  • Showing positive values and actions in the educational, artistic, cultural, and sports fields.

Therefore, school principals will be in charge of identifying the required profile.


Article 5 of the agreement states that different commissions must be created to be in charge of the departmental education directorates.

According to Article 6, the National Commission will be in charge of the technical and administrative coordination and the follow-up of the program at the national level.

The commission will, therefore, publish the related documentation. The departmental commission will be in charge of implementing, executing, and following the program within the guidelines and instructions issued by the national commission.

The agreement becomes effective on the date of its publication in the Diario de Centro América.

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