Mides Anticipates New Working Meetings With Elected Authorities

The Ministry of Social Development held its first meeting with elected government representatives.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-. The Minister of Social Development, Melvyn Caná, reported on the ministry’s transition process as part of the sector meetings with elected government representatives.

At a press conference, the minister said this process will continue next week. “I want to inform you of the corresponding transition data as instructed by President Alejandro Giammattei. The meetings with the new authorities are scheduled to continue next week.”

During these new sector meetings, a dialogue with representatives of the Mides departments is expected to provide more information on each social program.

First Meeting

The Ministry of Social Development held its first meeting with elected government representatives on October 25. In this meeting, the authorities analyzed the achievements in the programs implemented since 2020. 

The ministry analyzed the work carried out during the current administration. The most emblematic programs, such as the Bono Familia, were implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 in 2020, which served 2.7 million families.

The Minister of Social Development, the vice ministers, and the private secretary of the presidency attended the transition meeting on behalf of the Government Transition Commission.

Representing the president-elect’s transition team, María Alejandra Menaldo was in charge of exchanging information on the institution. Ambassador Diego Paz Bustamante, representative of the Organization of American States -OAS-, was also present.


The following programs were among the significant advances achieved:

  • Bono Familia 
  • Bono Social
  • Social Dining Center
  • Temporary Food Support Program
  • Nutri-Niños Program

Additionally, there are projects for the improvement of rural roads and the construction of wastewater treatment systems.

Minister Caná emphasized: “A significant achievement is the Social Registry of Households, which is a system that describes, under a rights-based approach, the socioeconomic conditions of households.”

The purpose is to determine who requires the support of social protection or emergency programs to improve their resilience and living conditions.

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