Medal of Honor for Parliamentary Diplomacy Awarded to the President of Guatemala

The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan) gave the Honorary Medal for Parliamentary Diplomacy to the President of Guatemala in an official ceremony.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lucia Contreras. -AGN- The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan) awarded the President of Guatemala with the Honorary Medal for Parliamentary Diplomacy.

According to the president of the Legislative Yuan, You Si-kun, the distinction was given to the Guatemalan president for defending democracy, freedom, and the rule of law.

“I am pleased to award President Alejandro Giammattei the First Class Medal of Honor from the Legislative Yuan in recognition of his significant contributions to strengthening the friendly relations between Taiwan and Guatemala,” explained Si-kun.

During the official ceremony, they  exchanged  presents to symbolize  the strong friendship between  the two countries.

Fellowship Between the Two Nations

In his speech, President Giammattei assured that the Guatemalan people give unwavering support to its friend, Taiwan, “I can assure you that no tie is stronger than an old friendship. The relationship we have cultivated for decades is profound.” 

Furthermore, he stated that trust and trade interaction between the two countries have been promoted since the establishment of friendly relations.

He highlighted, “Only united can we face times of political turbulence, economic crises, climate effects, and threats against world peace and stability.” 

The Guatemalan President hoped that the relationship between the two countries would continue to strengthen in trade, cooperation, and friendship and called on the international community to show solidarity with the Taiwanese nation.

In this regard, he recalled that Guatemala is a pacifist country and will always support the ending of conflicts and interference in the sovereignty of nations.


The head of the Executive mentioned that the Republic of China (Taiwan) has supported Guatemala through projects in education, health, infrastructure, technology, and institutional strengthening, among others.

The president said before the parliament, “For all of this, thank you very much; you have approved it.”

He also noted that due to the close ties with the Asian country, Far Eastern is considering investing in Guatemala.

A memorandum of understanding for nearshoring is being drafted to encourage Taiwanese investment in Guatemalan territory.

Finally, he announced that the Ministry of Economy plans to conduct a working tour through the fellow country to show the various economic strategies implemented in Guatemala.

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