MAIMI: Two Years Providing a New and Developed Form of Justice For Women Victims of Violence

On March 8, 2021, the Public Ministry, with 15 other agencies, launched the IXKEM Model of Comprehensive Care for Women Victims of Violence -MAIMI-.

by Pamela Contreras

To comply with accountability, the Public Ministry presented a summary of systematized statistical data on its services and a report on the undertaken actions.

MAIMI seeks to overcome the traditional scheme of care for women victims of violence, providing care with quality standards and differentiated, articulated, multidisciplinary, specialized, and centralized services, all in one place. It also specializes in providing support in criminal matters, family, health, and education, as well as economic and social empowerment, providing an effective and comprehensive response to the needs and interests of the victims, from filing their complaints until the end of the criminal process.

Two years after creating MAIMI as an affirmative initiative, it continues to support the efforts to fight against violence against women.

Coordinated work helps to provide women with actions for the prevention, investigation, and punishment of crimes, in addition to guaranteeing international human rights and differentiated, articulated, multidisciplinary, specialized, centralized, and cross-sectional services.

Since its foundation, MAIMI has assisted 20,081 women and has requested 11,952 investigative proceedings, 11,908 protection and care services, and 931 social and economic empowerment services.

MAIMI provides free assistance twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, located at 11 Avenida “A” 11-47 zone 7, La Verbena. Among the actions planned for this year following axis 4 of the Strategic Institutional Plan of the Public Ministry, MAIMI seeks to replicate the model in Quetzaltenango and create other offices in prioritized areas in the future.

MAIMI joins other specialized models, such as the Model of Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents -MAINA-, the Model of Comprehensive Care for Juvenile Criminal Justice -MAIJU-, and the Model of Comprehensive Care for Migrants, reiterating the commitment to bringing justice to all sectors of the population, especially the most vulnerable.

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