La Aurora Handicrafts Market Celebrated Its 49th Anniversary

La Aurora Handicrafts Market has over 50 shops with thousands of artisan products.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN- The Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat- celebrated the 49th anniversary of La Aurora Handicrafts Market.

It is a cultural space to find unique and iconic pieces representing the country’s culture made by Guatemalan artisans.

The celebration was carried out on May 27 and 28 at the market facilities, featuring regional costumes of Inguat and the Ballet Alas de Mariposa. In addition, there was a concert by the Inguat marimba, a performance by the Inguat Folkloric Ballet, DJ Básico, and the Melodías Canaleñas marimba.

This market is located at 6a. calle 10-95, zone 13 of Guatemala City. There, visitors can find more than 50 shops with thousands of products of artisans from different departments. Likewise, Inguat encourages tourists to explore this tourist attraction in the city, which has ample free parking and security for all families.

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