Kamala Harris, U.S. Vice President Thanked President Alejandro Giammattei for his Friendship and Collaboration in Strengthening the Bilateral Relationship

by Pamela Contreras

In a recent phone call, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris thanked Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei for his friendship and cooperation in developing the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

President Giammattei also acknowledged Vice President Harris’s prompt and appropriate response to the Safe Mobility Offices issue, as she sent a delegation following a phone conversation on May 26 about irregular migration, border security, fighting drug trafficking, and investment, among other topics of interest.

Vice President Harris appreciated the warm welcome given on May 31 to the delegation, led by her National Security Advisor, Phillip Gordon, especially because an agreement was reached to start operations of the secure mobility offices, highlighting the close friendship and spirit of cooperation between the two countries.

The six-month Safe Mobility Program began on June 12 and is promoted by the governments of Guatemala and the United States, with the support of the International Organization for Migration -IOM- and the UN Refugee Agency -UNHCR-.

The Vice President underscored President Giammattei’s leadership, crucial in implementing the safe mobility offices model in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico.

She expressed her gratitude to the Guatemalan President for his leadership on behalf of U.S. President Joseph Biden, the U.S. Government, and herself.

The Vice President, Kamala Harris, wished Guatemala prosperous and peaceful elections. President Giammattei expressed his appreciation and emphasized that the Executive branch will place the State system at the service of the Guatemalan people to ensure that the civic celebrations will be free and peaceful.

Both officials highlighted the ties of friendship, cooperation, and collaboration in addressing the issues of irregular migration and the fight against drug and human trafficking in the region.

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