Jewish Community Appreciates the Efforts of the Government of Guatemala

Jewish leader highlighted President Giammattei's work for promoting religious freedom.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. The Jewish community thanked President Alejandro Giammattei for his work and contributions to the world after he participated in a meeting with religious leaders on September 18.

The meeting with the Alliance for Global Cooperation took place in Manhattan, New York, while the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations was in session. In this regard, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto highlighted President Giammattei’s participation and his government’s support for promoting religious freedom. He also highlighted the strong relationship that exists between Guatemala and Israel.

Rabbi Pinto said about the Guatemalan president: He is a man of wisdom and intelligence and a leader who has made important contributions to the world.

President Giammattei spoke of the country’s and his government’s commitment to protecting life, the family, and religious freedom.

Interfaith Commitment

During his participation, the president emphasized the defense of religious freedom in Guatemala. He explained his commitment to respect the values of society and religion.

He also pointed out as an example the integration of the Multi-religious Roundtable for the Defense of Cultural Diversity and Religious Freedom, which he led on April 26, 2022, with the participation of representatives of 24 religions. This group was created in response to several religious leaders’ requests to have an open dialogue with the Executive branch.

Relationship Strengthening

The Alliance for Global Cooperation meeting had as its primary goal to strengthen the existing ties of friendship between Guatemala and Israel. Both nations have maintained friendly relations for 75 years. It also reflects Guatemala’s position on the promotion of religious freedom.

The Guatemalan president recognized the alliance for its interest in improving the relationship between the two nations. He also thanked the Israeli community for its support during his term in office,  when he intensified his work with the Jewish community.

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