Inguat Participated in the Book Presentation “Cumbre a Cumbre” by Jaime Viñals

INGUAT partook in the presentation of the mountain climber's book in recognition as an outstanding Guatemalan.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Josue Acevedo. The Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat- participated in the book presentation of Jaime Viñals’ new book, “Cumbre a Cumbre, así recorrí el mundo” (Summit to Summit, this is how I traveled the world).

Through this book, the mountain climber and tourism ambassador seeks to inspire readers’ imagination and become a gateway to distant destinations. The book is a literary map that stimulates curiosity and creativity.

The book includes vibrant stories and exciting experiences, taking the reader into exotic landscapes, fascinating cultures, and daring challenges.

An Outstanding Guatemalan

Viñals is a fearless adventurer who has conquered the World Trilogy, which consists of going around the world three times while climbing seven summits unique in topography, altitude, history, prominence, and geological origin on each continent.

Inguat, through its strategies based on Guatemala’s Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism 2015–2025, promotes activities focused on the adventure and nature segments. It seeks to position the country as a unique destination for adrenaline lovers.

Inguat and Jaime Viñals have worked on projects to strengthen the adventure tourism segment. Therefore, it considers the experiences of the climber and the natural and exuberant richness of Guatemala.

Joint Projects

The most important projects developed by the institution and the Tourism Ambassador are: 

Creation of digital content to promote adventure activities through social networks. These include recommendations for carrying out this type of activity in Guatemala.

Informative talks on “Volcanoes and mountains of Guatemala, a safe and sustainable vision.” These talks were offered to the general audience, including tourism sector entrepreneurs and tour guides.

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