Inguat Participated in a Meeting to Strengthen Sustainable Tourism Strategies

The meeting took place in El Salvador, improving working ties in the Central American region.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN.- The Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat- participated in the CXXVI Meeting of the Secretariat for Central American Tourism Integration -SITCA- in El Salvador on August 30, where it reaffirmed its commitment to the development and promotion of tourism in Guatemala and the Central American region.

Tourism representatives from several countries in the Central American region participated in the meeting. The goal of the meeting was to share experiences and discuss new strategies that contribute to sustainable tourism, focusing on promoting and strengthening the tourism sector in Central America.

Guatemala’s Participation

Anayansy Rodríguez, director of Inguat, attended the extraordinary session and highlighted the importance of these activities, which are beneficial to the region. She also highlighted the possibility of developing tourist routes that cross several countries.

In addition to attracting tourists, this contributes to increasing the economic benefits of tourism in a significant way among the nations involved. She explained that participation in this meeting allows to improve the ties between the countries involved and to have a better promotion.

Director Rodriguez states, “Our participation in SITCA allows us to collaborate closely with tourism entities in other Central American countries. It expands our ability to promote the region and creates opportunities for developing tourism packages with multiple destinations.”

These actions demonstrate the commitment of the Guatemalan authorities to implement plans aimed at making Guatemala known at the international level. It also shows the responsibility to coordinate with Central American countries to promote greater cultural understanding.

These types of activities are focused on ensuring that the tourism of the future will be a driving force for the development of nations.

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