Immigration Authorities Deny Entry to 7,132 Migrants in Irregular Conditions

The Guatemalan Migration Institute's data refers to the Agua Caliente and El Cinchado Border checkpoints.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- The Guatemalan Migration Institute -IGM- reported that 7,132 irregular migrants had been denied entry into the country at two border checkpoints, Agua Caliente in Chiquimula and El Cinchado in Izabal during this year.

Migration authorities are constantly monitoring the country, especially at border posts.

Report Details

According to the IGM, among the total number of people, there were:

  • 3,961 Venezuelans
  • 978 Haitians
  • 568 Ecuadorians
  • 498 Hondurans

The rest come from other countries, such as Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and El Salvador.

The IGM respects the right to migrate. For this reason, it urges people to travel in an orderly and regular manner, fulfilling the requirements to enter the country. For more information about the conditions for entering Guatemala, visit the web page

Regular Migration

Foreigners must comply with the required protocols to get into Guatemalan territory. Therefore, the National Civil Police and the Guatemalan Army keep operations on the main highways and borders of the country.

When police officers identify foreigners with an irregular status, they provide humanitarian assistance and coordinate their mobilization to shelters or the IGM headquarters for the corresponding processes.

The Government of Guatemala, through the IGM, promotes regular, safe, circular, and voluntary migration to guarantee respect for the human rights of all persons. For this purpose, it maintains inter-institutional efforts, programs, and guidance to fulfill migratory requirements.

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