IGSS Takes Measures to Protect Guatemalan Migrants

Guatemalans abroad can now voluntarily affiliate themselves with the service.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- The Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS) has implemented new plans in favor of its users. Guatemalan migrants can now voluntarily affiliate themselves with the service.

The new IGSS coverage, aimed at protecting the family nucleus of migrants, aims to offer new opportunities for Guatemalans abroad to provide their families with quality health services.

Authorities have underscored that the publication of Agreement 1543, Regulations Related to the Coverage of the Social Security Regime is historic. The framework opens the door to the future progressive inclusion of new sectors into the IGSS coverage, taking into account the results of this exercise.

The approval of Agreement 1543 also includes the Guatemalan Social Security Institute’s legal actions to fulfill its mandate to guarantee the Guatemalan population’s right to social security, wherever they may be.


Guatemalan migrants will be entitled to receive a monthly pension and three annual bonuses once they have reached the established contributions. Additionally, they can access all medical services the institute offers.

Among the benefits are those available to the spouses and children of the affiliates. The IGSS guarantees general and specialist medical care, medical examinations, medications, and treatment for chronic diseases.

The coverage includes hospitalizations, surgeries, prenatal and postnatal coverage, and pediatric care for children up to 7 years old, with a complete vaccination schedule.

Furthermore, it includes care through social welfare programs and life insurance. In addition, there is survivorship insurance in case of the migrant’s death and old-age insurance for Guatemalans abroad from the age of 60, with 240 accumulated contributions.

Payment Methods

According to the IGSS, the benefiting family member can contribute in Guatemala through remittances from abroad.

Likewise, affiliates can pay via virtual banking transfers, credit, or debit cards. It is detailed that the monthly contribution amount is GTQ 1000.

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