IGM Continues to Provide Assistance to Repatriated Nationals

The Guatemalan Migration Institute provided comprehensive assistance to 390 family units and five unaccompanied minors during the first weeks of October.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City -AGN- The Guatemalan Institute of Migration -IGM- reported that 1,484 Guatemalans repatriated from the United States received assistance from October 9 to 13. They did not comply with the established immigration regulations in that country.

In the Reception Center for Repatriated Migrants, located at the Guatemalan Air Force base, Government authorities assisted 390 family units with the support of the Secretariat of Social Works of the President’s Wife -SOSEP-.

Five unaccompanied children and adolescents returned between October 9 and 13. The Solicitor General’s Office -PGN- provided special assistance to these minors.

This joint effort involves more than 15 institutions, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations, all working for the well-being of those returning.

Comprehensive Assistance

1,143 Guatemalans returned to Guatemala by air from October 2 to 6, and they received assistance at the Reception Center for Returned Migrants located at the Guatemalan Air Force base.

The authorities conducted a comprehensive process, following the established protocol for assisting Guatemalan migrants.

Three Guatemalans returned with active arrest warrants. Department of Criminal Investigations -DEIC- agents proceeded with their detention.

Migration authorities continue to implement COVID-19 sanitary measures to ensure the health of the returning nationals.

Further Actions

The Center for the Assistance of Foreign Migrants -Camiex- has housed 837 people who did not meet Guatemala’s immigration requirements during the first nine months of 2023. They were provided with comprehensive assistance while regularizing their immigration status in the country.

During this same period, the National Civil Police -PNC- located 1,663 irregular travelers in Guatemalan territory. These individuals have been deported back to their countries of origin in compliance with immigration and security regulations.

IGM authorities reaffirm their commitment to continue collaborating with the competent authorities to promote regular, orderly, and safe migration.

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