Humpback Whales Visit the Pacific Ocean Beaches

The Government of Guatemala promotes the conservation of endemic, migratory, and coastal-marine biodiversity richness.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Noé Pérez -During a tour of approximately five hours at sea, marine wildlife experts and the media had the opportunity to observe and document marine fauna and spectacular scenery. The sighting of cetaceans, including whales and dolphins, is usually observed between November and April. This activity contributes to sustainable development and the conservation of our natural environment through education and conservation awareness.

The National Council of Protected Areas -Conap- and the Wildlife Conservation Society join efforts to contribute and support the creation and expansion of protected marine-coastal areas on Guatemala’s Pacific coast. It also carries out land and water patrols, biological monitoring and control stations, and environmental awareness and education.

Among the most common cetaceans on the Guatemalan coasts during this migration are humpback whales and dolphins, species that come relatively close to the country’s coastline.

Conap promotes protection and biological monitoring activities at sea, projects to generate scientific research, and local promotion with community alliances that encourage the management of fisheries and the protection of endangered species, as well as advancing the use of tools to sustain biodiversity and the protection of marine areas.

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