Honduras Highlights Guatemala’s Actions to Clean Up the Motagua River

Honduran authorities thanked the work of the Government of Guatemala.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- Honduran authorities highlighted the work of the Government of Guatemala to clean up and treat the Motagua River.

The XV Caribbean Business Forum was held as part of the Association of Caribbean States -ACS- IX Summit of Heads of State in Antigua Guatemala.

During the event, the Honduran Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gerardo Zelaya, underscored the actions taken with Guatemala to establish environmental projects.

Vice Minister Zelaya stated, “On behalf of Honduras, we also want to thank the Honduran Administration, which has only been in office for a year and has always received cooperation from Guatemala to jointly address the Motagua River issue.”

Likewise, the Honduran official mentioned that it is positive that both countries are addressing the problem jointly. He also highlighted the response of the Guatemalan authorities to the issue as favorable.

Cleanup Actions

The environmental authorities of both countries have met in different opportunities to find and create new strategies for the cleanup of the Motagua River.

The work carried out by the technical tables and committees to generate actions aimed at improving the ecosystems impacted by waste and sewage issues. It is part of the Comprehensive Environmental Management of the Motagua River Basin Project.

As a result, the Guatemalan authorities continue to create alliances that favor environmental sanitation. The work done with international organizations that seek to contribute to the care of natural resources has recently received recognition.

The goal is to ensure the well-being of Hondurans and Guatemalans near this body of water.

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