Homeland Security Fights Illegal Entry Of Aircraft Into Guatemala

The Mingob and Mindef have developed security strategies to prevent aircraft entry with suspected illicit goods.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN- The Government of Guatemala, through the Ministry of the Interior -Mingob- and the Ministry of National Defense -Mindef-, has developed security strategies to fight drug trafficking in Guatemala, reducing the number of aircraft transporting possible illicit drugs in the airspace of the nation’s territory.

Currently, radar and warning systems have enabled the security forces to detect illegal flights approaching the national airspace. Protocols are activated to guarantee governance and protect the country’s sovereignty.

As a result of these actions, three aircraft with potential illicit activities have been located this year. The Interinstitutional Center against Drug Trafficking in Guatemala provided this information.

These results reflect a reduction of 93% compared to 2020, when 41 aircraft were registered as having entered the country illegally.

Aviation Activities

The reduction of entry aircraft results from the effectiveness of the Aerial Surveillance and Preventative Operations carried out jointly by the Air Unit of Mingob and the Guatemalan Army personnel. 

The geographical position of Guatemala is prone to drug trafficking and other illicit activities, mainly by air, land, and water. Therefore, these operations aim to prevent the country from being used by criminal organizations linked to smuggling illegal substances. 

The achievements prove interinstitutional efforts are successfully utilized in the fight against drug trafficking.

Cirrus SR-22 Aircraft

This aircraft was recently assigned to the Ministry of the Interior -Mingob- and made its first test flight in August. This activity will help strengthen the air capabilities in the country.

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