Guatemalan Tourism Ambassador Jaime Viñals Shares Experiences

The objective is to empower the public with essential values to achieve each goal.

by Astrid Luna

Huehuetenango, by -AGN- The recognized Guatemalan mountaineer Jaime Viñals visited  Huehuetenango to give a motivational talk  “Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes, the origin of the Guatemalan mountains and the history of the Mam culture” promoted by the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism -Inguat-.

Jaime Viñals is a Guatemalan who has stood out for his unwavering adventurous spirit and for promoting Guatemala’s natural and cultural wealth. Inguat recently named him a tourism ambassador for his efforts to showcase the country’s tourism.

His Tour

The workshops have been conducted in Escuintla, Petén, San Marcos, Sololá, and Huehuetenango, followed by a visit to Quetzaltenango in the coming week, ending the tour in Guatemala City.

In Huehuetenango, there was an audience of 60 people, including representatives of institutions, non-governmental organizations, and locals.

During the conference, he shared photographs and videos of the various mountains, peaks, and volcanoes he has conquered worldwide and the importance of  consistency in achieving his goals.


Viñals commented that he addresses topics such as determination and the importance of teamwork during the workshops. Additionally, he talks about confidence, skill, and discipline based on his experiences climbing mountains, peaks, and volcanoes worldwide.

As for his work as an ambassador for Guatemalan tourism, the international entertainment network Netflix has begun filming a series based on the mountaineer’s global trilogy.

The show focuses on motivation, how to prepare to achieve such a milestone, the possible difficulties, and how to overcome them, and it will be released in 2024 with three episodes.

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