Guatemalan Government Addresses Recent Events

The Executive branch has taken actions towards the government transition.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by -AGN- The Guatemalan government has issued a statement on its social media platforms regarding recent events in the country.

The Executive branch emphasizes that it has undertaken all necessary actions in accordance with the Political Constitution of the Republic and the domestic legal framework concerning the electoral process and its outcomes. Furthermore, it expresses respect for the independence of state bodies and autonomous and decentralized institutions.

The statement highlights that the government has initiated a transparent, systematic, and organized transition process. This process involved a three-phase methodology, with the final stage taking place on Wednesday at the National Palace of Culture when the Transition Report was handed over to the Vice President-elect.

International Oversight

The transition process benefitted from the observation and support of the Organization of American States (OAS). President Alejandro Giammattei requested this collaboration to enhance transparency in the process.

The Secretary of the OAS, Luis Almagro, attended the presentation on the 2023-2024 Transition Report.

Training from the Executive

In the official statement, the Government of Guatemala points out that it has respected the results announced by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal for the presidential candidates, the 340 mayors, and the 160 elected members of Congress.

Regarding municipality corporations, the Government of the Republic, in coordination with the Office of the Comptroller General of Accounts, the Executive Coordination Secretariat of the Presidency, the National Institute of Public Administration, and the National Association of Municipalities held training workshops for all elected mayors to ensure that the authorities elected for the first time have all the necessary tools to assist them in performing their duties.

To the International Community

The Government emphasized that it firmly rejects the hasty statements of some members of the international community, which, according to their press releases, could imply an alteration of the constitutional system.

The press release mentions, “We reiterate absolute respect for the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, where one of its fundamental pillars is the alternation of power.”

The government urged these actors to witness the political will to comply with the transition and the handover of the presidential mandate.Finally, the press release reads, “We emphasize that no action can prevent all elected authorities from taking office in Guatemala.”

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