Guatemalan Chocolate with Sello Blanco Sold in Turkey

Petén cacao and chocolate producers conduct business with a Turkish company.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, -AGN- Plenty of companies in the country meet the requirements of the Sello Blanco certification.

One of them is Fundación Pro-Petén, a Guatemalan company that has received support from the Government of Guatemala.

This company comprises 120 cacao farmers that produce chocolate products and by-products and obtained an important business deal with a Turkish company.

In November 2022, it was among the companies certified with the Sello Blanco.


The Ministry of Economy -Mineco- announced in November 2022 that the Turkish company Altinmarka, a leading manufacturer of industrial chocolate worldwide, announced the purchase of three tons of cacao from the Pro-Petén Foundation.

The Maya Q’eqchis cacao producers market under the brand name Ch’ochél Chocolate, which means from my land.


Mineco stated in a press release, “Same as Pro-Peten, other Guatemalan MSMEs which received an award are  new markets, both nationally and internationally, with the support of the Ministry of Economy, in cooperation with the Commercial Counselors Network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minex).” 

The Government of Guatemala promotes the Sello Blanco Program with the objective of  positioning Guatemalan entrepreneurs to achieve the closure of businesses to continue growing and encouraging employment.

Consumer responsibility

President Alejandro Giammattei has emphasized that the Sello Blanco also represents the consumer’s social responsibility in purchasing 100% Guatemalan products.

This initiative also allows Guatemalan MSMEs to connect with the international market. As a result, they encourage local development and contribute to transforming the country’s economy.

This program is part of the Economy, Competitiveness, and Prosperity pillar of the General Government Policy. It seeks to achieve more prominent economic growth and a significant increase in sources of sustainable employment for Guatemalans.

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